The Geometric Trading Course is a complete education in Technical Analysis and Market Geometry based on the trading courses taught by H.M. Gartley and W.D. Gann

​ "I've bought and read Ross' Gartley book before and just finished the Neophyte course. I believe his teachings and findings are priceless."
- A.L., Las Vegas

The Geometric Trading Course

Neophyte Level O
The Geometric Trading Course is a complete education in Technical Analysis and Market Geometry. The free Geometric Trading Course - Neophyte Level O will teach you leading technical analysis methods that offer the highest probability of successful forecasting. In this dynamic 90+ minutes session, Ross Beck, FCSI will introduce you to the foundations of Geometric Trading. Upon completion of the Neophyte Level O, the student will ready to take the Geometric Trading Course - Initiate Level I.

Initiate Level I
Beyond an introduction to technical analysis, the Initiate Level I video series contains a complete trading system based on the book The Gartley Trading Method: New Techniques to Profit from the Markets Most Powerful Formation. Beginning with material from H.M. Gartley's classic book Profits in the Stock Market, you will be taken step by step through the evolution of the most reliable pattern in the financial markets, referred to by Gartley as "One of the Best Trading Opportunities." Most educators that discuss the Gartley Pattern overlook key components of the pattern and market geometry. As revealed in the Initiate Level I video series, the student will learn to trader the "The Missing Leg" and Gartley's original rules for volume. Upon completion of the Initiate Level I, the student will receive access to an online exam to test their knowledge. The student must achieve a score of at least 70% on the exam before they are invited to take the Geometric Trading Course - Apprentice Level II.

Apprentice Level II

The Geometric Trading Course - Apprentice Level II builds on the market geometry and core trading methodology learned in the Neophyte Level O and  Initiate Level I trading courses. Learning to make trading decisions on their own, the Apprentice achieves the goal of trading independently. The Apprentice is introduced to the hidden Geometric structures of the world's capital markets and the incredible forecasting power of Beck's Emblem. Whether its compass, square, pencil and paper or the latest computer technology, the Apprentice student is empowered to predict market turning points in advance with Geometric shapes unseen by the trading public.

Master Level III
The Master Level III is a live course where you will build your own trading system based on the market geometry learned at the Apprentice Level II. It is a live, one on one interactive course that is custom tailored just for you. Features include live screen sharing, video conferencing, and working one on one with an expert computer programmer to make your dreams a reality. This aspect of the course is truly one of a kind.  Further Information about the content of The Geometric Trading Course - Master Level III is available on this website to graduates of The Geometric Trading Course - Apprentice Level II.

The Geometric Trading Course simplifies the market geometry strategies of WD Gann and HM Gartley

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