The Geometric  Trading Course - Initiate Level I

"I just saw your video presentation an hour ago and was blown away!” –J.A.

The Geometric Trading Course - Initiate Level I

Initiate Level I
Beyond an introduction to technical analysis and market geometry, the Initiate Level I video series contains a complete trading system based on the book The Gartley Trading Method: New Techniques to Profit from the Markets Most Powerful Formation. Beginning with material from H.M. Gartley's classic book Profits in the Stock Market, you will be taken step by step through the evolution of the most reliable pattern in the financial markets, referred to by Gartley as "One of the Best Trading Opportunities." Many educators that discuss the Gartley Pattern overlook key components of the of the real gartley pattern. Most traders don't realize that the pattern found  on page 222 of his book barely resembles what todays traders refer to as a gartley pattern. As revealed in the Initiate Level I video series, discover "The Missing Leg" and Gartley's original rules for volume. Upon completion of the Initiate Level I, the student will receive access to an online exam to test their knowledge. The student must achieve a score of at least 70% on the exam before they are invited to take the Geometric Trading Course - Apprentice Level II.
Course Outline

  • Know Thyself
  • Know Your Enemy
  • What Moves Markets
  • Fundamental Vs. Technical Analysis
  • Fibonacci Versus Gann
  • H.M. Gartley
  • Trend Reversal Gartley Patterns
  • Trend Continuation Gartley Patterns
  • Gartley Trading Method Automation
  • Putting it All Together

6+ hours HD Video

Completion of The Geometric Trading Course - Neophyte Level O

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$186 USD

The Geometric Trading Course simplifies the market geometry strategies of WD Gann and HM Gartley

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