The Geometric Trading Course - Master Level III

The logical conclusion of a trading course should be a trading algorithm designed by the student - R.L. Beck

Master Level III
The highest level of the Geometric Trading Course is Master Level III. The core trade strategies, filters , and market geometry revealed to Apprentices are now coded into a trading algorithm in Tradestation. Working one on one with an expert programmer versed in Easylanguage, the student with direct the programmer to develop a system based on the students risk tolerance, preferred financial products traded, desired time frame, and the students individual trading style. Many educators avoid the topic of back testing an automated version of their strategies because they (and their students) probably won't be impressed with the results. As mentioned above, the completion of a course that teaches a student how to trade should supply the student with an automated way to generate trade signals. In addition, the student should be able to back test the trade signals to determine if the trading system would have been profitable using historical data. Masters truly learn the alchemist secret of turning base metals into gold. The Geometric Trading Course - Master Level III is reserved only for "the few and the brave" who are mentally prepared to turn their dream into reality.  


1.Identify General System Goals and Objectives
2.Creating System Specifications
3.Programming Core Set ups
4.Programming Filters
5.Programming Exits
6.Programming Position Sizing/Money Management
9.Forward Test
10.Auto Execution
11.System Monitoring
12.Raising Capital

Ross L. Beck, FCSI

Video Conferencing

1.5 Hours per week for 12 weeks

Completion of The Geometric Trading Course Apprentice Level II

The Geometric Trading Course simplifies the market geometry strategies of WD Gann and HM Gartley

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