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The Geometric Trading Course - Neophyte Level O

"I've just finished Level 0.. to say it was interesting is an understatement... it was an eye opener." - M.T., Italy

Neophyte Level O
The Geometric Trading Course teaches traders how market geometry can give them an edge over other price based technical analysis methods. The free Geometric Trading Course - Neophyte Level O will teach you leading (not lagging) technical analysis methods that offer the highest probability of successful forecasting. In this dynamic 90+ minutes session, Ross Beck, FCSI will introduce you to the foundations of Geometric Trading and pattern recognition. New traders will learn to trade using the power of Fibonnaci retracements and Fibonacci extensions and how to use these technical analysis tools to identify the most reliable price pattern of them all.. the Gartley pattern.  Experienced traders will learn powerful risk management techniques not taught in other trading courses. Discover how your subconscious mind can't help itself from creating order out of chaos on a price chart! Instant access to The Geometric Trading Course - Level O is available by signing up on our home page. Upon completion of the Neophyte Level O, the student will ready to take the Geometric Trading Course - Initiate Level I.

Course Outline

  • The Key to Trading Education
  • Your Edge...What is it?
  • The Only Tools you will Ever Need
  • The Ultimate Trading Pattern
  • Stop getting Stopped Out!
  • An Easy way to Reduce Risk

Course Format
90+ minutes HD Video

Course Prerequisites
There are no prerequisites for the Neophyte Level although reading The Gartley Trading Method: New Techniques to Profit from the Markets Most Powerful Formation is highly recommended.


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The Geometric Trading Course simplifies the market geometry strategies of WD Gann and HM Gartley

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